SAVE ME - New Mix posted on July 20, 2016.

JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO -  New Mix posted July 20, 2016.

We are doing our best to complete Album 1 to ready for release that actually now is almost completed with all 10 Tracks & Bonus Tracks.  Look for it possibly in August 2016.

​SERIOUS - with Katie East singing Backing Vocals. New Mix posted July 20, 2016.

Praying Hands - Remixing for September 2016,  You will be notified with this Webpage when New Mix is posted..

PRETTY BABY - LULLABY VERSION​ - New Single posted July 20, 2016.

PRETTY BABY - ROCK VERSION - with Katie East on Backing Vocals.  New Mix posted July 20, 2016.

Currently getting EP1 ready again with New Mixes for September 2016 possibly.​

JUSTIFY - Space Mix 1 - New Single posted July 20, 2016. 

Ricky Elwood

Follow Your Dream is a book Ricky Elwood Franklin is still putting together with his Dad that hopefully yet will be out sometime in that latter part of 2016.  Everything takes time.

The Prava Sessions is a compilation of Two Songs, PRETTY BABY Original Version with Tim Schock on Backing Vocals & JUSTIFY with Dave Patterson on Backing Vocals.  This is A Special Package put together for Fans to enjoy the Music & Trivia.

Climb Any Mountain - Remixing for September 2016,  You will be notified with this Webpage when New Mix is posted.

OUR LOVE LIVES ON - New Single - Newly Posted on July 20, 2016!  Look for this one with Katie East singing Backing Vocals to include with your Music Library.

​​​​​​Ricky Elwood Franklin - The Prava Sessions

Look for this release in early July 2016.

Ricky Elwood Franklin

Look for various selections on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Google, Target, and many other places, and listen to some of the tunes on iHeart Radio, YouTube, and Spotify and that is .com for each of these Websites.