• Saturday Love Will Find The Way - w Keys Version3:14


​Independent Artist currently has newly ReMixed this 2012 Copyrighted Album for a hopeful Early December 2017 Re-Release.   

Ricky plans to re-release his Self-Titled Album 1, The Prava Sessions, EP1, and Retrospective to be a 4-Pack Album Package, and there will be Alternate Tracks of many Songs for everyone to enjoy the listening!  He would really like a Marketer for Physical Compact Discs and everything imaginable, including his Book that are Stories of his Dad's childhood..

Ricky Elwood Franklin  

The Prava Sessions​​

Re-Mixed for a hopeful December 2017


  • Pretty Baby - w Katie East3:04

Ricky Elwood Franklin "Album 1" Tracks available in the near future again in Autumn 2017 hopefully.  Enjoy the listening!  We re-mixed some of my songs & are completing that to finally make this Album AWESOMEST for everyone to enjoy the listening!   Copyright 2012.



​Ricky Elwood Franklin

Ricky Elwood Franklin Follow Your Dream 

book sometime in 2017.  This got delayed because Ricky got busy struggling to re-mix his Album,

and because he is waiting for Simmons to drop the False Book on Amazon.  KISS Organization will be Charged in a Court of Law if they do not comply and this despite the Contemptible Officials in D.A. Craig Stedman's Office in Lancaster County, PA, planted In Office by KISS Organization.

  • Serious - Album Version w Katie East4:13

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