Ricky Elwood Franklin

Ricky Elwood Franklin - The Prava Sessions 
Look for this release in early November 2016. 

Ricky Elwood Franklin.com

​​​​​​​Ricky Elwood Franklin - Album 1 completed and Issued in

Late-2016 after nearly 5 Years of struggling to Record & complete.

Follow Your Dream is a book Ricky Elwood Franklin is still putting together with his Dad that hopefully yet will be out sometime in that latter part of 2016.  Everything takes time.

Ricky Elwood Franklin

Ricky Elwood Franklin "Follow Your Dream"

Here is the tentative Book Cover and a short detail 

for My 1ST Book that actually is a unique selection

of Short Stories about My Dad's Childhood that he elaborated to me during when I was growing up.  

The Book is not ready yet, however, hopefully might

see light for posting in 2017 sometime.  He needs a Marketing Team for his Albums & Books to put them in Stores.  Contact him at P.O. Box 615. Maytown, PA  17550.