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Hard Marketers needed for Music Stores and Department Stores. 

Only Serious Offers Considered.





Look for this selection various places like iTunes, GooglePlay, MediaNet, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and a few other places.

Ricky Elwood Franklin

Follow Your Dream 

Available hopefully again sometime in 2018 or 2019. 

Currently "Taken Down" because of Deceptive Marketing Corruption by Marketer and via the Book Printing Company.  They Attempted selling Ricky's Book as "Used" for 90+ Dollars when The Price was $54 Dollars and none were ever sold acccrding to Ricky's Sales Reports at CreateSpace.com.  Ricky will find A New Book Marketer.  Then they Attempted to Undersell his Book as "New" at $50 at the same time.  Ricky previously informed CreateSpace that Third-Party Marketers are ILLEGAL and this was their 2nd Attempt, and at that time Ricky did post inside his Front Cover "This book is not for resale." to avoid their ILLEGAL Hassles.  Ricky is Suing them all. including another Two-Faced Musical Band Organization for involvement when they were told many times never to cheat him and to stay away from him.  When they Tamper a Musician's Life this way they are being put away In Federal Prison until they die there hopefully. Before this incident repeated again (from about two weeks prior) on October 10, 2018 that was yesterday, Ricky spoke to an F.B.I. Agent about all the problems being caused to him and was told to take it easy, heal his foot, and go down off of Social Media.  Of course, that is adverse to The Music Career that Ricky planned to keep trying to "make it" in, therefor Ricky wants Felony Charges against The Perpetrators i.e. Because the other Musical Band Organization owns into or completely owns all the Companies or Team Members within them always dropping clues while causing him problems.  Beginning COMPLAINTS are Filed via Emailing again in October 2018 when Ricky has COMPLAINED all along for several years ongoing now and will Win for Multiple Billions of Dollars because of Long-Term Sales Potential they Tampered despite being Legally Warned NOT to Tamper many several times.  Ricky is not amused for real in any kind of way about this major problem caused to his real life.  Ricky was Unhappy about them forcing his Book Price up anyway because they want too much of the profit over double what he was to ,receive when they shouldn't be more than 2two-third or less of what he would have earned to sell more Books in his opinion, because he tries to be decent to Good Fans.  They could have sold the Book for alot less like $25 or something.  Ricky says they are greedy & idiotic people in those Corrupt Companies.  He wants Honest People on his side for Business Purposes that is The Only Way he has to Market in a monetary World when Ricky rather live with decent people on a Good Free Planet.