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  • I'm Leadin' - Original Mix3:05


‚ÄčIndependent Artist currently has newly ReMixed this 2012 Copyrighted Album. January 2018 Re-Release. Download some copies for your Music Library to enjoy the listening!

Ricky Elwood Franklin

Follow Your Dream 

Available sometime in 2018, this Copyrighted book is making strides towards being posted with finalizations.

Ricky Elwood Franklin "Album 1" Tracks available in January 2018 for downloading.  Included look for The Prava Sessions, EP1, and Retrospective that all hopefully will be posted in the next couple of months.  Enjoy the listening!  We re-mixed some of my songs & are completing that to finally make the Albums AWESOMEST for everyone to enjoy the listening!   Copyright 2012.