Picture of The Franklin Sisters now being considered for this New Album Sleeve.  They played many Carnivals and places, opening for Roy Rogers, Minnie Pearl, and The Three Stooges during their tenure.

The Franklin Sisters Band (Another Version) Geneva on Left and Margaret on the Right pictured. Mae and Dolly in the middle Left and Right pictured.

The Franklin Sisters

The Franklin Sisters Band (Various Versions) Pictured Left to Right:

George, Dolly, Mae, Geneva, Margaret, Rieney, and Barney seated.

Ricky Elwood Franklin.com

Geneva pictured top Right, and Margaret next to my dad Elwood top Left playing Accordion.

Roma Gneva "Jeannie" Franklin &

Margaret Frances "Rose" Franklin

Roma Geneva Franklin is The Real Writer of

A Soldier Dreams who sent her Song to a Publishing House trusting that they would be honest, however, next thing she knew she heard her own Song on the Radio being sung by Kate Smith who we are sure didn't know.  This Version does not mention the technically re-written lyrics of the elaborate thieves that all too common back then actually stole the Song because this Song is about My Aunt's Love for her Husband, and not bombs. This is The Original & Real Version of "A Soldier Dreams"!